How to trap a cougar

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How to trap a cougar

A Cubs Guide to Spotting and getting laid by a Cougar

There are millions of older women looking for sex with younger guys. The trick is finding the right Cougar to meet your needs.

  • cougarsIf you go to a hotel bar or club and spot a woman in her 30,'s or 40's sitting alone with a drink, she is probably a Cougar looking for some fun or an escort.
  • If she is wearing designer clothes and expensive jewelry, you have a high chance that she is a Cougar rather than an escort.
  • If she is wearing a wedding ring, she is probably a "Hot Wife" looking for NSA action.
  • No wedding ring plus expensive clothes usually means a divorcee or business woman looking for fun.
  • If an older woman is sitting and watch the room, rather than dancing, she is more likely to be a Cougar hunting for a cub.
  • Gird your loins and strike up a conversation: Pay older women compliments on their clothes, Looks, Hair. Single Cougars are often looking for reassurance that they are still attractive, especially if they have gone through a divorce. If she responds well to a compliment, pepper your conversation with more.
  • If there is a group of older women, all dressed up, probably quite loud and openly watching the men in the room, then they are probably hunting as a pack. They will quite often buy men drinks and ask them join them at their table.
  • If you see an older woman who you like the look of, offer to buy her a drink. Cougars will not play around like younger girls will. You will get a yes or a no. A no means I am not interested, waste no more time here, move along. A yes means you have a high chance of ending up in bed with the woman that night. Many cougars will be completely open about wanting to have a bit of fun with you. Don't expect the usual coyness of a younger woman and don't be surprised if she offers you her phone number or hotel room number without you even asking for it.
  • Watch for condoms: A condom visible in her handbag, or peeking from her bra is a sure sign that you have a Cheetah - she will waste no time getting her prey back to her room.
  • Before you trap a cougar, or allow yourself to be caught by one, think about their long term strategy. They are not hunting you for your pleasure. They are looking for fun and sex on their terms. Married Cougars may call at midnight for a quickie before jumping back into bed with their husbands. Business women may not call for weeks if they travel on business. A sugar mummy is going to pamper you, but expect you to be available whenever she wants you. A Greedy Girl may have a whole pack of cubs and only call you occasionally or want you to play as part of a group.

Get out there boys and have fun. If you holiday on the Costa Blanca or Costa Calida in Spain, I am always hunting for Cubs and I am a Cheetah, so I always fuck on a first date with NSA.